Hobart is a place to wander. Spend lazy days meandering along the streets and lanes of Battery Point, strolling along Lower Sandy Bay Beach or taking in the changing streetscape the length of Elizabeth Street from the city to North Hobart. It is a holiday destination where breakfast should always be a slow and hearty café brunch and where coffee in just one café per day is never enough. This small city boasting some of the cleanest air in the world, where the mountains and wilderness meet the sea is where I grew up and is one of my all time favourite holiday spots.

Great food in Tasmania is part of the psyche. With farms producing local stone fruit, raspberries, all varieties of veggies, some of the best dairies in the world and meat and seafood highly regarded this is a must visit destination if you are a food lover.

pollen 2a

The quality of café food in Hobart is exceptionally high. Battery Point and Salamanca provide the hot spot of the best on offer. Pollen Tea Room is one of those little gems. This café occupies one of the iconic historical stone cottages on Battery Point’s Hamden Road. Their classic brunch style menu offers simple but high quality options bursting with flavour. I was particularly impressed by their note on the menu inviting those of us with food intolerances or allergies to feel free to customise or modify any menu option. My super tasty baked eggs here topped with a scrumptious cashew cheese instead of the listed fetta without even a blink of an eye. Gluten free options are also readily available. The café offers a few cosy inside tables and a generous amount of outdoor seating in a courtyard oasis out back.

pollin 3

Pollen Tea House, Battery Point, Hobart. 


The iconic view of Hamden Road, Battery Point, from outside Jackman & McRoss with Mt Wellington in the background. 

Other great cafes in this region include Jam Jar, Tricycle and Environs.  

jack greene 1jack greene 2

There are plenty of spots to hide in doors from the crazy Tassie weather in Hobart. An afternoon can easily turn into an evening as you enjoy some stunning local cold climates wines in front of a roaring wood fire. Jack Greene is one of the coolest places in town. With an interior fit out to die for, and an chilled Irish pub vibe this place is a must visit. Let your mind boggle at the selection of boutique wines and beers and offer but keep things simple with a tasty burger and chips. 

mona 1mona 2

The top tourist destination in Tassie now days is the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). James and I treated our selves to the VIP treatment heading up river to the museum in the Posh Pit aboard one of the Mona Roma ferries. The $50 posh pit tickets are money well spent as you enjoy premium Moo Brew or Morilla beverages, along with nibbles on the trip there and back. 

mona 4amona 5mona 14mona 6

Reflection “Selfies”

Mona needs to be seen to be believed. An Art Museum like no other, this dramatic complex of art, culture, accommodation, entertainment, restaurants and bars on the outskirts of Hobart houses the private art collection of one very unique Hobart local.

mona 7mona 8

Make sure to take advantage of the onsite food and beverage options. You wont be disappointed. The museum can easily fill up a day if you take it in at a leisurely pace with “nourishing” and “watering” stops along the way. 

mona 9mona 10mona 11mona 12mona 13

Highlight of the collection include: Erwin Wurm (Bruck an der Mur, Austria, 1954), Fat Car, 2006 and Tracey Moffat (Australia, United States of America 12 Nov 1960 – ) Something More, series, 1989. 

ethos 2a

Ethos offers the type of degustation menu that just makes sense. The food is of the highest quality. Sourced from trusted seasonal producers and served the same day to curious tasters. Our dinner at Ethos, with great friends, was one very special experience. A vegetarian menu was even provided for me with no trouble at all.

ethos 3

The restaurant is set is a historic building right in the centre of Hobart. You enter through a beautiful brick stable arch and emerge in a thriving and fruitful courtyard immediately setting the tone for the fresh and high quality fare awaiting you inside the restaurant.  On arrival you are presented with a list of key ingredients featured in the day’s creations from the kitchen. From here you just sit back and enjoy the experience, your only choice whether you want 6 or 8 courses and if you would like matched wines.

ethos 7ethos 8ethos 9ethos 11aethos 13a

Although this restaurant is a favourite among my Hobart foodie friends I would recommend it as a wonderful experience for visitors to Tasmania. I would describe the meal as a tour of Tasmania for the Taste Buds. Interested in learning more about the producers. Click on the map here

ethos 14

My friends and newly weds Em and Kev share a moment on the way out after dinner. Congratulations guys!


Hobart does coffee really well. My friends Em and Kev and two of Hobart’s top barristers and are always keen to show me the top spots for my little holiday coffee hit. Ecru is a little hole is the wall place keeping things simple. Awesome coffee and cute little street-side stools right in the centre of town. 

machine 3a

As I said I love to take is easy in the morning when visiting Hobart and brunch is a great way to keep things relaxed. Machine Laundry Cafe is a Hobart institution. It is a busy, bustling, noising, friendly kind of place serving classic generous portions of café fare at good prices. If you have laundry to do, this is a great choice as you can enjoy a coffee or a meal while your clothes do their thing in the adjacent coin operated washing machines.

Machine is located in Salamanca which is always a hive of activity and a great central spot in the heart of Hobart’s cultural centre. This place has been busy ever since opening many, many, years ago.

machine 4amachine 5dr coffee

If you need another coffee after your long walk Doctor Coffee is another great option. You can find it down the Galleria lane-way right in front of the famous Salamanca Market on Saturdays.

museum 5a

Another, completely, un food related attraction is the newly renovated Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery located adjacent the iconic Constitution Dock on Hobart’s waterfront. This was my first visit to the Museum since it’s huge renovation. The experience was such a pleasant surprise. The collection is truly vast and broad in it’s scope giving a wonderful insight into Tasmania’s history, culture, flora and fauna. It is well worth a visit. 

museum 3museum 4a