One of my very favourites quotes is from Plant Powered Legend and author of Eat To Live, Dr. Fuhrman, who says in his book “the salad is the main dish”. As summer rolls in around Australia it is the perfect time to remember and embrace this quote. For some inspiration I have put together a selection of Veggies & Me salads that are so colourful that they are guaranteed to make your mouth water. 

A selection of vegetarian and vegan salads

Click here for some raw inspiration…

Why salad? 

Raw vegetables contain a very high nutrient content. These nutrients offer powerful protection from many diseases including cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Dr Furhman’s programme encourages those of us looking to shed weight to eat raw vegetables in unlimited quantities and since they have a negative caloric effect, the more you eat, the more weight you will lose. So go crazy! It’s doctor’s orders. 

I would love to hear your favourite salad combos?