If you, like me, are reducing your gluten intake don’t despair… there are so many amazing nutritious alternatives to regular wheat flour. I love buckwheat, brown rice and besan flour. I always have these three on hand in the cupboard!

Pancakes are one of those very versatile recipes that can be made in minutes and work just as well savory as sweet. This Savory Chickpea Pancake can be topped with what ever veggies are on hand and in season. Get creative and let me know what you tried.

Savory Chickpea Pancakes

(serves 2)
1 teaspoon grape seed oil for pan
1 cup besan flour -also known as chickpea flour
1 cup filtered water
1 tablespoon olive oil
pinch of Himalayan pink salt

1 bunch asparagus blanched in boiling water for 4 minutes.
6 cherry tomatos cut in half
large handful of baby rocket
1 tablespoon pipitas (pumpkin seeds)
juice 1/2 lemon
freshly ground black pepper

Add the flour, water and oil together in a bowl.
Whisk the batter together until there are no lumps.
Add the grape seed oil to a large heavy pan and bring to a medium heat on the stove top.
Poor in the batter and cook until the pancake is cooked all the way through (about 5 minutes).

Cut into wedges and serve topped with lightly blanched asparagus, tomatoes and rocket.
Garnish with pipits.
Add a good squeeze of lemon juice and season with pepper.