You have probably heard a bit about Dry July around town. Basically, Dry July, is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of adults living with cancer through an online social community giving up alcohol for the month of July. The other major focus of the organisation is to raise awareness of drinking habits and the value of a balanced healthy lifestyle.
After the death of two of my colleagues last week to cancer I am very keen to promote this great cause. If you would like to find out more info or donate check out their website.

To keep your glass well and truly full of goodness during the month of July I have put together three super simple “virgin” drink recipes.
In most supermarkets you can now buy young coconuts filled with highly nutritious coconut water. For convenience I like to buy it in a carton at the health food store. This sweet, clear, drink is packed with electrolytes, and minerals which replenish hydration levels in your body. For an extra vitamin C kick during winter I have combined the coconut water with fresh lime and fresh strawberries.

Strawberry Coconut Cooler
(makes one glass)
200ml coconut water
4 fresh strawberries
4 large ice cubes
Blend the ingredients with a blender and serve

Virgin Coconut Mojito
(makes one glass)
200ml coconut water
1 fresh lime cup into wedges
4 fresh mint leaves
4 large ice cubes
Stack the glass with the ice cubes, mint leaves and lime wedges.
Poor in the coconut water and serve.

Vit C Booster Ice Tea
(serves 2)
500ml boiling water
2 tablespoons rose bud, rose hip and hibiscus tea
8 large ice cubes
liquid stevia to taste
Add tea to a large heatproof jug and poor over with boiling water.
Allow to steep for 5-10 minutes.
Add ice cubes and stevia and stir gently until completely cooled.

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