If you are on the look out for a simple, quick to make and 100% nutritious meal idea… then stick with me. I am going to show you how to make your own at home Buddha Bowl!

A regular on menus of hipster cafes world-over these power-houses of nutrition are so simple to make at home. The beauty of this beauty is the possibilities are endless and the contents can only be limited by that of your imagination. Being totally nutritionally balanced and rocking your essential: macro and micro nutrients your tummy, energy levels and mood with be thanking you afterwards.

 Yes, it is possible to have a satisfying lunch, or slap up dinner on the table in 10 minutes or less!

How to make a Buddha Bowl

How to Make a Buddha Bowl

The elements:

  • gluten free grains
  • lightly sautéed or streamed green leafy veg
  • blanched green veggies
  • sliced crunchy veggies
  • hummus, nut butter or seed butter
  • olives or pickled veggies
  • avocado 
  • a wedge of lemon or lime
  • a sprinkle of fresh herbs
  • a sprinkle of chilli flakes or dried spices

optional extras: sprouted anything, nut cheese, any nuts or seeds, sliced cabbage, roasted veggies, salad greens, any legumes, grated veggies & your favourite dressing. 

How to make a Buddha Bowl

Step 1: Add left over cooked gluten free grains to the bowl or cook using the packet instructions. 
Step 2: Lightly sauté or stream the green leafy veg.
Step 3: Lightly blanch or stream your other veg.
Step 4: Slice your crunchy salad veg.
Step 5: Assemble everything together in one bowl with love.
Step 6: Sprinkle with finely sliced herbs, chilli flakes and season with salt & pepper
Enjoy… and feel free to thank me for the blissful feeling of nourishment and satisfaction that ensues. xox

How to make a Buddha Bowl