I am back at the computer after a couple of beautiful weeks of holidays. I spent a week in Tassie with friends and family and have spent the past week relaxing and being a tourist in my own city with family visiting from Ireland.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and that things are already shaping up that it will be a year to remember.

Here are a couple of behind the scenes highlights:
tassie 1Clockwise, from top left: leaving, on a jetplane; home grown salad on the table; classic Tassie weather putting on a show; Christmas lunch, roast potatoes, mix roast veg, lentil salad and quinoa salad; James out strolling in beautiful Batter Point and getting our “culture on” at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. 
sydney 1Clockwise, from top left: myself and James enjoying every minute of New Year’s Eve at Opera Bar in Sydney; one of the many outstanding holiday brunches I enjoyed; swimming at Dawn Fraiser Baths in Balmain, Chillaxing at Red Leaf Beach in Double Bay and some of the summer fruits I have been devouring.