Looking for a special day out over the Easter holidays? A drive along with Bells Line of Road to Bilpin might be just what you are looking for. James and I were very much in need of a weekend escape last weekend so we hit the road heading for the Mountains along the back roads.Louise Saarinen is a champion foodie in my book. At her farm gate stall in Bilpin on the Bells Line of Road she sells: Apples (January till late June), Nashi Pears (February till late March), Persimmon (Autumn), eggs (November – June) home made preserves, honey, organically grown herb seedlings, cut flowers, apple pies she has baked each day and a range of other seasonal fruit and veg. The stall is open: Mid November till late June – Friday, Saturday & Sundays – 10am to sunset.The local Bilpin figs are absolutely amazing at the moment. I have been enjoying these favourites of mine all week on my cereal.Local farmer Basil Pitman stopped in at the stall while we were shopping to sell his wares left over from the morning’t trade at the Saturday Morning farmers market at the Bilpin Church Hall. The Bilpin Markets are held each Saturday morning 10.00am – 12noon, Bilpin District Hall, Bells Line of Road, Bilpin.
For sale next to Louise’s home made preserves I was impressed to see local “unheated” honey. By selling the honey raw you are getting the full natural aroma, health qualities, and characteristic crystals. We saw many hives along the road… a pleasant sight after recent concern over bee populations. The Bilpin Fruit Bowl was one of our stops along the road. This traditional fruit shop set on the side of a huge orchid also sells local preserves and a wide variety of fruit at really good prices. I couldn’t go past getting a few snaps of their amazing giant fruit bowls. More irresistible home make apple pies. The view out over the hills from Bilpin. Bilpin Springs Orchard is a great place to bring your family for apple picking. One of the most pleasurable activities from the day was apple picking. I headed down the row to pick my own bag of what I was assured was the first ripe Pink Lady apples in the whole of Australia. This is the time RIGHT NOW for picking these really special variety of crunchy and sweet apples. I can tell you there is nothing better than the taste of eating fresh fruit you picked yourself and that has never been in cold storage. Well worth the trip!A trip to the Mountains wouldn’t be complete without taking in the view of the Three Sisters and heading down the remarkable 900 steps that make up the Giant Staircase. We then followed along the bottom of the cliffs through the cool afternoon forrest and dragged our selves back up the Furber steps (fueled by Apple Pie) and back to Katoomba.