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  • Megan Young - Vegetarian, Home Cook, Photographer

    Megan is an Australian professional photographer who lives in Sydney.

    "I have been cooking since I can remember and a vegetarian almost as long. I was working in my aunt and cousin's restaurant by the age of 12 and spent many a summer holiday from school elbow deep in veg prep in kitchens around Hobart.

    Growing up in beautiful Tasmania, Australia, surrounded by nature, I couldn’t help but have a well-developed appreciation for fresh, wholesome and local produce. Over the years this love of fresh produce has awakened my interest in nutrition. I am currently studying nutrition and never cease to be amazed by the power of food."

    Loves: My beautiful baby daughter, my crazy husband James, laughing till my face hurts, the feeling of warm sunshine on my back, cheesy pop country music, sharing a meal with friends, trawling the aisles in health food stores.

    Wishes: There were more hours in the day, I had my own veggie garden, there were more good, healthy, vegetarian and vegan choices in restaurants.

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