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  • Megan Young - Vegetarian, Home Cook, Photographer

    Megan is an Australian professional photographer who lives in Sydney.

    "I have been cooking since I can remember and a vegetarian almost as long. I was working in my aunt and cousin's restaurant by the age of 12 and spent many a summer holiday from school elbow deep in veg prep in kitchens around Hobart.

    Growing up in beautiful Tasmania, Australia, surrounded by nature, I couldn’t help but have a well-developed appreciation for fresh, wholesome and local produce. Over the years this love of fresh produce has awakened my interest in nutrition. I am currently studying nutrition and never cease to be amazed by the power of food."

    Loves: My crazy husband James, laughing till my face hurts, the feeling of warm sunshine on my back, cheesy pop country music, great Thai take away, trawling the aisles in health food stores.

    Wishes: There were more hours in the day, I had my own veggie garden, there were more good, healthy, vegetarian and vegan choices in restaurants.

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