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A diet bursting with fresh, vibrant, simple, tasty and importantly healthy meals and snacks.

Simple tips, techniques and ideas to help you get yummy, healthy, vibrant meals, full of veggies, on the table fast!

About Megan

Megan Young is a Sydney based recipe developer, health food consultant, home cook, professional photographer, plant-based diet & wellness advocate as well as a mum and wife.

Veggies & Me is here to inspire you!
A plant-based diet can be delicious, satisfying, easy, cost effective, and even chic when required. Here you will find beautiful visual inspiration with simple, wholesome and healthy meal and snack ideas for you, your teens, toddlers, infants and the rest of your family.

End dieting forever!

The Veggies & Me philosophy is not about going without. Instead it’s about filling your plate with delicious nourishing foods your body, mind and spirit will love.

When it comes to living your most healthy life there really are no shortcuts. However… eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult, overwhelming, expensive and labour intensive. Stick with me and I will show you how.

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